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Budget & Finance Committee

The purpose of the Budget and Finance Committee is to oversee all of the finances of GLAR.

The committee meets quarterly (and at an as needed basis) to discuss financial opportunities, budgeting concerns, and discuss future investments of the association. These meetings are CLOSED.

The committee also prepares the following year's budget in accordance with the strategic direction of the association leadership and missions.

The committee is made up of:

  • The GLAR Board of Directors Executive Committee
  • Appointed members of the association with an interest in the association's finances.

2020 Budget & Finance Committee

Sandra Miller

Taunee English
Vice Chair

Committee Members

  • Terry Ballentine
  • John Barrentine
  • Janine Gershon
  • Ryan Ole Hass
  • Aaron Leider
  • Marco Rufo
  • Stan Smith
  • Tica O'Neill

2020 Budget & Finance Meeting Dates

  • Friday, January 17th, from 9am-11am
  • Thursday, May 7th, from 9am-11am
  • Thursday, June 4th, from 9am-11am
  • Thursday, August 6th, from 9am-11am
  • Thursday, September 10th, from 9am-11am
  • Thursday, October 1st, from 9am-11am

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Staff Liaisons

Glen Spejcher

[email protected]


LeeAnn Lambright

[email protected]


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