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Become a GLAR Affiliate
GLAR Affiliate Benefits

Sponsorship Opportunities - Sponsor an Educational Seminar and be allotted 5 minutes to promote your company. Sponsor an Association event and be given recognition and promotion as well as getting involved with the Association.
Endorsement Opportunities - Affiliate Members have the opportunity to host an Educational Seminar (3 times per year) in one of our Classrooms that we will promote it to all of our active Members
Networking Opportunities - Admittance to seminars and special events will increase your business contacts and strengthens professional relationships within the Real Estate Industry
Communication - To help keep you informed on hot topics, trends, and technological advances we distribute a monthly newsletter. The time sensitive material we send out allows you to enhance and achieve the goals you have within the Real Estate Industry
Web Page - The ability to have a Profile Page on the Association website which includes your contact information, logo and your photo
Advertising Opportunities - Advertise you and your company on the Association's Homepage ([email protected]) or in the Association's monthly newsletter (contact Ned Foley of Foley Publications at 800/628-6983 for rates)

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