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Become a GLAR Affiliate
GLAR Affiliate Benefits

Sponsorship Opportunities - Sponsor an Educational Seminar and be allotted 5 minutes to promote your company. Sponsor an Association event and be given recognition and promotion as well as getting involved with the Association.
Endorsement Opportunities - Affiliate Members have the opportunity to host an Educational Seminar (3 times per year) in one of our Classrooms that we will promote it to all of our active Members
Networking Opportunities - Admittance to seminars and special events will increase your business contacts and strengthens professional relationships within the Real Estate Industry
Communication - To help keep you informed on hot topics, trends, and technological advances we distribute a monthly newsletter. The time sensitive material we send out allows you to enhance and achieve the goals you have within the Real Estate Industry
Web Page - The ability to have a Profile Page on the Association website which includes your contact information, logo and your photo
Advertising Opportunities - Advertise you and your company on the Association's Homepage ([email protected]) or in the Association's monthly newsletter (contact Ned Foley of Foley Publications at 800/628-6983 for rates)

Affiliate Application  

GLAR Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

Thank you for offering to share your knowledge with GLAR members! Our association relies on our affiliate members to keep our members informed about the latest news, trends and emerging issues in your areas of expertise.

As an affiliate, you are welcome to host classes and events for the benefit of our members. In many instances, GLAR will create marketing material for the class or event to maintain a consistent look and feel for our member events. This marketing material is primarily used by the association on our social media channels, in our email newsletters and our website.

Guidelines for Sharing GLAR marketing materials.

Sharing Events on Social Media

You may re-share the GLAR marketing materials on your corporate social media accounts to promote the class and to encourage attendance. GLAR creates official Facebook events for many affiliate events, and, if desired, can add affiliates as Facebook event ‘co-hosts.’ These events link directly back to the registration page for your event. Though you may share these events on your own social media accounts, we ask that you refrain from creating your own as this can lead to confusion about which event is the actual, official event.

Please note - being an affiliate member is not an endorsement of your business by GLAR and no representation should be made as such. Additionally, please refrain from making any remarks in the promotion of your event that may be misconstrued as the official position of the organization. Should we be made aware of any such posts, GLAR may ask you to edit or remove the post.

Use of GLAR marketing materials

Please use official GLAR marketing materials when promoting an event with your customers. GLAR will make these materials available to you upon request. Please do not alter or modify these marketing materials in any way.

Use of GLAR logo(s) and name

Please use the GLAR name only when referencing or promoting the event, i/e “I am pleased to be teaching a class about ______ to members of the Greater Los Angeles REALTORS® on _________ .” or “Join me for a webinar on __________ to learn about ______. This class is offered to GLAR members at no cost.” Do not use the GLAR name in phrases such as “GLAR’s preferred mortgage broker,” “Endorsed by the Greater Los Angeles REALTORS®” or similar phrases. If you have any questions, please ask.

Do not use the GLAR logo without permission from the association. Please do not use the logo in any way that would make it appear that a communication you sent is coming from GLAR. If you wish to promote an event, please use the official event marketing image.

For questions or clarifications

Contact Scott Foy at 323-556-2091 or [email protected].

Let us know if you are having any issues.
We'll respond accordingly.