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Committee Presentations

Welcome to the Committee Presentations of our E-Library. 

Here you will be able to see our many committees hosting guest speakers on topics that are important for our members and their businesses.

Oct 9
The Virtual Globe - Exploring Asia
On Friday, October 9th our Global Committee hosted 'The Virtual Globe - Exploring Asia'. We hosted guest speakers Spencer Hoo, Shoreh Merati, Hiroko Nishikawa Naumann and Peter Park who gave us insight on doing business with clients from China, Japan & Ko
Oct 7
Chill Out with Josh: Getting Your Buyer Qualified
Join YPN Chair Herschel Will & Josh Wolfson for 'Chill Out with Josh: Getting Your Buyer Qualified'.
Sep 22
Lets Vote - a REALTORS guide to 2020 ballot issues
The GLAR Public Policy & Public Relations committees hosted a virtual “Let’s Vote” event on Tuesday, September 22nd. This event gave a forum to GLAR-endorsed candidates to explain their positions on key issues, and GLAR members had an opportunity to
Sep 16
Public Policy Committee Meeting - Culver City & Santa Monica Candidate Interviews
On Wednesday, September 16th our Public Policy Committee interviewed candidates for Culver City & Santa Monica City Councils.
Sep 9
Commercial Marketing Web Series September 9th
Join the GLAR Commercial Committee for our monthly Commercial Marketing Web Series with Guest Speaker Thora Magnusson of LaRocca Inspections.
Aug 20
Strategies For Buying Your First Home
GLAR YPN & Beverly Hills Chamber YPN present "Strategies For Buying Your First Home."
Jul 24
Success Right Now
The Public Relations Committee brings you - Success Right Now! We have 5 Amazing REALTORS, 6 of our Real Estate Services Partners and hosted by GLAR CEO, Marty Nash.
Jul 16
Public Policy Committee Meeting - West Hollywood Candidate Interviews
Public Policy Committee brings you interviews with candidates for West Hollywood City Council, plus Senator Scott Wiener.
Jul 8
Commercial Marketing Web Series July 8th
Today, our in our Commercial Marketing Session we have guest speaker Robert Binkele from Deferred Sales Trust.
Jun 17
Public Policy Committee Meeting - June 17th
On June 17th our Public Policy Committee hosted Ron Galperin, L.A City Controller, plus, from the office of Supervisor Solis - staff representing Mr. Waqas Rehman, Director of Planning and Development & Aram Sahakian, General Manager, Emergency Management
Jun 10
Commercial Marketing Web Series June 10th
Our Commercial Committee presents a monthly Commercial Marketing Session, this month we have guest speaker - Josh Wolfson or PNC Bank.
May 28
2020 Components to a Successful Transaction
In today's session we learn the process of getting your clients through a real estate transaction. You will hear from professionals in each industry that are needed to help ensure every deal you make is a success.
May 20
YPN Gets Real - Mind, Body & Soul
YPN Gets R.E.A.L. (Real Estate Affirming Life)
May 20
Public Policy presents 2 Guest Speakers
On Wednesday, May 20th the GLAR Public Policy Committee presents guest speakers Adam Fowler and Matthew Glesne.
May 7
Global Committee: International Deal Structure
The Global Committee presents 2020 International Deal Structure with our special guest speaker - Carmela Ma.
Apr 27
Cultural Diversity: 1031 Exchange Update
The GLAR Cultural Diversity Committee presents a 1031 Exchange Update with our friend Leonard Spoto.
Apr 24
Public Policy presents 3 guest speakers
On April 24th our Public Policy Committee hosted Jeffrey Prang, L.A County Assessor, Keith Knox, Treasurer & Tax Collector and Councilmember David Ryu.
Apr 20
Commercial Marketing Web Series: Promoting Commercial Listings: 3D Virtual Tour vs. Video
Our Commercial Committee welcomes Jonathan Paris of Visual Open House speaking about Promoting Commercial Listings: 3D Virtual Tour vs. Video.
Apr 1
Commercial Marketing Web Series: Environmental Risks
Welcome to our Commercial Marketing Web Series - Today we are lucky to have guest speaker Ami Adini of Ami Adini Environmental Services talking about the Evaluating the Environmental Liability Study Cases.
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