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2023 Leadership Candidate Profiles
Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022 @ 02:16 PM

Meet the 2023 GLAR Volunteer Leadership Candidates

Get to know the GLAR members who have stepped up to run for volunteer leadership positions in the association. There are members running for Regional Vice Chair in all five regions, President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect. Volunteer leaders are essential to ensuring that GLAR meets and exceeds the needs of our members, and for helping us anticipate the future needs of our members and our communities.

Candidates will be campaigning for their positions from August 29th - September 30th, and you will be able to vote for your Regional Vice Chair and for President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect from September 26th - September 30th.

Please take a couple of minutes to get to know each candidate. Thank you to each member who has stepped up to run as a candidate!

Candidates for 2023 President-Elect

Chris Duff, Beach Real Estate Group

Experience matters. As a proven leader, I am encouraged to run for President Elect to make a difference at GLAR. As a current Director, I bring a wealth of expertise, having served in numerous leadership roles at CAR, NAR and I am a Past President from Texas. As a Graduate of NAR’s Leadership Academy, I bring a fresh approach to leadership development, advocacy and professionalism.

I want to connect with you - I am committed to bringing forth new ideas to help you navigate a shifting market and provide you with the resources you will need. Together, let’s focus on financial wellness, through education and programs to help you thrive and be successful.

The future of real estate is uncertain, with disruptors and governmental challenges- I want to work together with you as your President to help you and our association navigate. Experience matters. Learn more about Chris: www.Chris4GLAR.com

Taunee English, Lions Realty Group of eXp Realty California, Inc. 

I heard a story about a Veteran when thanked for his service, his response was “you’re worth it”. As Navy Veteran, I’m here to say- YOU are all worth it! 

As a broker with over 17 years in the industry, you're all worth my oath to be your advocate in protecting your rights as a REALTOR® while protecting the rights of real property ownership.

For over 10 years, I’ve served in various leadership positions at GLAR. I’m currently serving as your 2021 & 2022 Treasurer and C.A.R. Director. At C.A.R., I’m 2022 Chair of the Investment Sub-Committee and a Strategic Planning and Finance committee member. At NAR, I’m 2023 & 2024 Co-Chair of the Communities of Interest committee. I am as committed to enhancing your member’s experience, as I was serving in the U.S. Navy. I’m ready to serve as your 2023 President-Elect! Thank you in advance for your vote. Learn more about Taunee: www.vote4tauneenglish.com

Candidate for 2023 Treasurer-Elect

Ryan Ole Hass, Align RE

With more than a decade of service to GLAR and its members on the Budget & Finance Committee, it is my desire to continue to serve our Association as your 2023 Treasurer-Elect. I have previously served as Treasurer and President of GLAR, as well a member of the Board of Directors along with many other committees and working groups to assist GLAR grow and evolve to its current status as one of the greatest local AORs in the Country! I would like to continue this work with your GLAR leadership and BOD.

Being part of the task force that worked on the purchase and renovations of our new GLAR HQ in Culver City, I feel that it is important to continue to be involved in managing our dues revenue to best support our members.

Thank you for your support now and over the past years!

Candidates for Vice Chair: Region 1, Beaches

Peter Kunkle, Corcoran Global Living

My name is Peter Kunkle. I am a REALTOR®. I am excited to run for Vice-Chair (Beaches). I will serve GLAR and the community to the best of my ability. I am humbled and honored for your consideration.

I was born in Hollywood, California and was schooled in Los Angeles. I have lived in Culver City since 1991. I am a dog person and own 3 Bouvier de Flandres. Prior to becoming a Realtor, I was in the entertainment industry. I have worked in theater, television and movies. I was awarded an Emmy in 1989 for electronic lighting design.

I will work hard for you!

Stephen Weaver, Stephen Jeffrey Weaver Broker

I live in Santa Monica in the Coastal Zone, and I run a Land Use and Zoning Law firm in the City of Los Angeles. I sit on the Board of Governors of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and on the Board of the Sister Cities Association of Santa Monica. I served as President of the Santa Monica Bar Association from 2016-2017. I am a member of several chambers of commerce.

I spent years building and developing relationships with Community Leaders, Mayors, and local professionals. At the Santa Monica Bar Association, a voluntary professional membership organization, I oversaw a growth from 100 to a record high 500+ members over the course of two years.

I am currently involved with the Legislative Affairs Committee on the Beverly Hills Bar Association, with the goal of championing laws that increase the housing supply in California. I would be honored to serve GLAR.

Herschel Will, Keller Williams Realty - Beverly Hills

Welcome Everyone, Herschel Will, an LA native, REALTOR®, and homeowner, has been involved with GLAR leadership for years. He has been President of the Young Professional Network, and is currently serving on The Government Affairs and Charitable Committee. He always brings fresh new ideas, synergy, and good intuition, that creates a better market and life for all of us.

With the charitable committee that has given over $30,000 this year to homeless shelters, he also gave the idea of blood drives, which have saved many lives.

By voting and electing Herschel Will to The Board of Directors, you are receiving an experienced qualified candidate that truly cares about Los Angeles housing, and the real estate market.

Candidates for Vice Chair: Region 2, Culver City

Steven Drust, Nelson Shelton & Associates

Fellow REALTORS®, Many of you know me either from working with you in the field over the past 45 years as an active real estate broker, or perhaps I was your real estate instructor at Santa Monica College, West LA College, or UCLA, with over 2,500 of my students entering our profession over the years. 

I was your 2018 President of the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS® and have achieved the REALTOR® EMERITUS designation. 

Real Estate has changed and will continue to change and sometimes not for the better. With government restrictions, rent control issues, increase taxation on real property, the potential loss of the 1031 IRC Exchange, the new "California Death Tax," and even the possibility of losing Proposition 13, more than ever you, the REALTOR® must be informed about your business to help your friends, family, clients, and yourself. I'd appreciate your vote, thanks.

Christopher Molinari, Corcoran Global Living

If I am elected to the Vice Chair for Culver City, I will work to ensure that all licensed agents and brokers can work together in the interest of their clients, to close transaction in a smooth and amicable fashion. Our CAR contract is Active and Collaborative, and we agents all need to band together to keep it that way.

Mahogany Rhodes, Keller Williams - Santa Monica

As a proud REALTOR® member (in multiple states) for over 19 years, I view it is as an honor and a duty to serve our community. My interest in representing the Culver City Region is multi-layered. I look forward to serving as a voice for AND to our members.

We are embarking on a business climate that many have never experienced. Keeping REALTOR® members connected, motivated, well trained and feeling supported is Paramount.

Learn more about Mahogany:Why I Want to Be your Culver City Regional Vice Chair

Candidates for Vice Chair
: Region 3, Beverly Hills 

Katherine Aronsson, Avenue 8 Inc.

Per Aspera ad Astra:)

Alison MacCracken, Sotheby's International Realty - Beverly Hills

As a native Angelino, with family roots going back to the 1800s, I do not want to leave this sad City, I want to fight for it. Like many of us, 

I have been blessed with a life of many periods of extreme adversity to overcome, and periods of joy, making me a well-tempered warrior for justice and improvement. 

My career in real estate started 20 years ago in multi-family management and acquisitions, then transitioned to retail development abroad, followed be single family homes and commercial land sales. Living and working abroad instilled a unique perspective and skill set to work and negotiate with people from around the globe. 

Diane Manns, Compass

It is with Great Pride and accomplishment that I chose to run for your regional representative for the Region of Beverly Hills and Area. I have lived and worked in this area for over 30 plus years, joining our organization as a member starting in 1980, acting as an Agent, Branch Manager, Community leader, CAR and NAR Directors, Chair of committees and Board Director and Past President 2015.

Our Beverly Hills Region is Active and a Role model for many, I will do my best to help share the happenings in Beverly Hills, its business’s, events and leadership as well as keeping us updated as to the Real Estate Market in one of the most luxurious Markets in California. Everyone knows Beverly Hills and want to know more.

Jamie Tian, Rodeo Realty - Beverly Hills

It is an honor and privilege to be running for 2023 Regional Vice Chair for Beverly Hills. I became a real estate agent at age 20 while finishing my last year at UCLA. A few years later, I was named “30 Under 30” by the National Association of REALTORS®. Over the past 10 years, I have served on the Greater LA Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors, the National Association of REALTORS® Presidential Advisory Group on Sustainability, and the Asian Real Estate Association of America National Board. As REALTORS®, it is our responsibility to advocate for property rights on behalf of our clients, starting at the local government level. 

REALTORS® are an essential part of the real estate transaction and my goal is to keep agents relevant as prop-tech companies continue to challenge the role of the agent. Together, we can keep the American Dream of homeownership alive!

Learn more about Jamie: Jamie Tian

Candidates for Vice Chair
: Region 4, West Hollywood/Eagle Rock 

Natcha Morrow, Corcoran Global Living

When I am elected, I will commit to working closely with the regional chair to raise the profile of the association in my region, and to tailor the association’s programming and benefits to meet the unique needs of myself as a REALTOR® as well as my professional peers. I will archive this goal by working alongside with the regional chair to help plan regional events, keep informed about local legislative happenings and be the voice for my region in association decision-making. 

I will also voice my opinion in GLAR’s charitable efforts in my region, especially those dealing with housing. I will commit to work hard to serve, learn and become the leader who can carry on the responsibility and achieve the goal of the organization.

Michele Rene Wood, Crosby Doe & Associates

I started what would be a lifetime in real estate while I was still in high school, answering phones at an escrow company in 1982. My passion and the pillar of my work is, the integrity of the real estate profession and protection of the public. Over the last 20 years I managed escrow companies, including handling successful start ups and downsizing, for some of the largest realty brokerages and escrow companies in California.

What may set me apart from other candidates is my focus on diplomatic service, mediation and arbitration. After obtaining my real estate license, I have been honored to work with the iconic firm, Crosby Doe & Associates. I would be a great addition as Vice Chair for the region, and will bring a long history of understanding, strength and support to the position. I envision myself as an integral part of GLAR reaching their goals.

Scott Yeilding, Keller Williams - Santa Monica

Scott is a southern California native, 3rd generation REALTOR®, double Alumnus of the University of Southern California and 11-year resident of Region 4. His motivation to serve GLAR is rooted in increasing intersectional issues both unique to our industry and deeply woven in the fabric of our local community.

Scott has been working full-time in L.A. Real Estate since 2011 – in agent, operations and team leadership capacities. He’s managed over 1,000 transactions for a sales volume of over $1.1 Billion and currently manages a team of 25 agents and 10 staff. In the past 4 years, he’s engaged in over 25 real estate professional development opportunities and he’s supported over 20 social justice organizations.

Scott’s primary objectives are to identify and vocalize your concerns into actionable items, to enhance cross-generational and cross-role collaboration and to modernize education, training and support resources for newer agents and operational professionals who support agents. Learn more about Scott: www.Scott4GLAR4.com

Candidates for Vice Chair
: Region 5, Downtown/Eastside Los Angeles 

Paris Coleman, Coleman Realty 

I'm a Los Angeles native and I love my city! After graduating from Georgetown University in 2013 with a degree in psychology, I decided that I wanted to become a REALTOR® so that I could help clients find the best place to call home in Los Angeles in the most stress-free way possible.

Along with real estate, I also have a passion for health & wellness. I've been a yoga teacher for the past 5 years and I started a wellness company in 2020 called Black Om to encourage everyone to make more time for self-care.

I believe that I will be the best person to fill the role of Vice Chair for Region 5 because I actually live in the region, I can bring a fresh/diverse perspective to the board and I'm passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of my fellow GLAR members!

Aileen Herrarte, Corcoran Global Living

I've been in the industry for over 17 years and have a thorough understanding and long-standing experience in the field. I can honestly say through my practice every customer deserves unique customer service and solutions to their needs and wants while maintaining a level of professionalism, integrity, and most importantly constant communication with all parties that comprise a real estate transaction.

John Winther, Coldwell Banker - Hancock Park

Coldwell Banker and I have been affiliated for many years both as a manager and an agent. I have been the past President, Treasurer, and on the Board of Directors of Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTOR®. I have held many positions within organized Real Estate including the MLS, California Association of REALTOR®, and the National Association, and I have the knowledge and experience to make a difference.

The association divided Los Angeles into 5 regions and I most excited about region 5 – our region. For years the emphasis has been on the Westside of LA, but the future belongs to the “Eastside” of LA. Opportunities are most abundant this area from Hancock Park to Glassell Park, Korea Town to Downtown and middle of LA to adjacent Silverlake.

Join me to achieve your goal of a successful real estate career.

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