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2024 Leadership Candidate Profiles
Friday, Oct 13, 2023 @ 09:10 PM

Meet the 2024 GLAR Volunteer Leadership Candidates

Get to know the GLAR members who have stepped up to run for volunteer leadership positions in the association. There are members running for Regional Vice Chair in all five regions. Volunteer leaders are essential to ensuring that GLAR meets and exceeds the needs of our members, and for helping us anticipate the future needs of our members and our communities.

Candidates will be campaigning for their positions starting on Wednesday, October 11th and you will be able to vote for your Regional Vice Chair from Wednesday, November 8th - Tuesday, November 21st.

Please take a couple of minutes to get to know each candidate. Thank you to each member who has stepped up to run as a candidate!

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Candidates for Vice Chair: Region 1, Beaches

Katherine Aronsson

Candidate Statement Not Provided

Hiroko Nishikawa Naumann

I became involved in the REALTOR® Association about 10 years ago. I currently serve as a GLAR Global Committee Chair, C.A.R. Director and NAR Global Ambassador to Japan and Mongolia. Through my volunteer leader experience, I have seen firsthand the true value of a REALTOR® for our community.

In this ever-evolving market, we need to prepare for change. I bring decades of global real estate experience, both here and abroad, to this position.

I'm here to help you ride that WAVE! WAVE, I pledge to:

W: Work to protect our real estate profession.

A: Advocating for our client's real property rights.

V: Vigilantly champion our value to consumers.

E: Empower and educate our members to succeed.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your 2024 Region 1 Vice Chair. 

Why I'm Running: Click Here

More about my campaign: Click Here

Candidates for Vice Chair: Region 2, Culver City

Stacy Harris-Green

As a Los Angeles native, Culver City is my home, and I value my connection to it.

It would be an honor to serve as your Culver City, Region 2 Vice Chair of Greater L A REALTORS® Association including neighboring cities of Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, View Park, LaDera Heights.

I’m dedicated to Service, Advocacy, Empowerment, Community, protecting our real estate profession, and

advocating for property rights.

For many years, I’ve served on our Board of Directors and committees including Government Affairs, Professional Development, Commercial Real Estate and as Charter member of Women's Council of REALTORS® LA/Beverly Hills. I'm currently serving as a C.A.R. State Director and Vice Chair of the Scholarship and Education Committee.

Our diverse region of residential and commercial real estate is facing challenges, from preserving generational wealth to zoning concerns.

Let's work together to address them. Your voice matters to me!

Valerie Matron

Born in Puerto Rico, to Peruvian & French parents, and growing up across different communities - I nurtured a gift for learning how people who are different can work together productively. 

I enjoy facilitating dialogue when I often hear what the other can't hear. My journey into real estate began after working in local government, global health, and as a digital strategist and researcher for Providence Health. 

I’ve served as the Gov. Affairs Rep. for Region 5 and now running as Vice Chair for the region I live and work in! Region 2 is incredibly diverse, vibrant, and ever-changing encompassing Mid-City, West Adams, Westchester, Mar Vista, Leimert Park, Culver City, Park-Hill-Heights and beyond.

 As Vice Chair I will: 

Why I'm Running: Click Here

Candidate for Vice Chair
: Region 3, Beverly Hills 

Kristina Irwin

Wife to one, mom to three, immigrant, REALTOR®, Notary and former candidate for State Senate, I am running as your next Region 3 Beverly Hills Vice Chair for the Greater Los Angeles REALTORS® Association. 

I am running to represent your voice, ideas and your city. As someone who has been in public relations for over a decade, I can put on my PR/marketing hat as well as my agent hat and think how we as REALTORS® can stand strong and stand together. 

Region 3 is big. Huge. Diverse. Yet it is small enough to be like a family. The people, the culture, and the passion of Beverly Hills is unbeatable. 

As your vice chair, it will be my pleasure and my honor to serve you, my fellow REALTORS® and to serve this city by bringing in more members, more trust, greater transparency, and more fun to this association!

Candidate for Vice Chair
: Region 4, West Hollywood/Eagle Rock 

Hector Chaidez

I am honored to introduce myself as a candidate for the position of Vice Chair in Region 4, encompassing West Hollywood and Eagle Rock. My diverse educational background, professional experience, and unwavering commitment to building stronger communities uniquely position me as the ideal candidate for this role.

My professional journey as the Vice President of United Food Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 770, an Executive Board Member, Lead Organizer, Lobbyist, and Delegate to the LA Fed of Labor (AFL-CIO) demonstrates my ability to foster collaboration and advocate for 30,000 members, and build strategic alliances with key stakeholders. My role at Kaiser Permanente Hospital as a Pharmacy Technician, Union Steward, and Health and Safety Champion attests to my dedication to safeguarding the interests of workers and implementing safety protocols.

Throughout my leadership roles in labor organizations, I have honed my abilities to develop strong teams, advocate for members, and navigate complex negotiations regarding having a fair, dignified, and respectful contract for our front-line labor workers. If elected Vice Chair for Region 4, I will leverage these skills to create a more vibrant, inclusive, transparent, and prosperous real estate market in West Hollywood and Eagle Rock.

Candidates for Vice Chair: Region 5, Downtown/Eastside Los Angeles 

Joshua Rushing 

I am a REALTOR® based in Downtown Los Angeles, dedicated to serving the Greater Los Angeles REALTORS® Association (GLAR). With an educational background, my commitment to lifelong learning remains steadfast. 

I am passionate about advocating for policies that enhance affordability, transparency, and sustainability within the housing market. If given the privilege to serve, my primary objective is to nurture a robust sense of community among GLAR members.

My aim is to facilitate connections between our members and valuable resources, offer mentorship opportunities, and elevate member engagement.

John Winther 

Region 5, encompassing the vibrant neighborhoods from Fairfax to Los Feliz and beyond, is a place where properties often exceed one million dollars, with some reaching over five million. John recognizes the exciting opportunities this region offers, but he is also aware of the challenges posed by the ever-shifting market.

John's journey in real estate began with a profound interest in helping people find their ideal homes. As a dedicated sales agent, he quickly earned a reputation for going above and beyond for his clients. His journey continued as he assumed a role as the manager of a bustling office, where he nurtured the talents of numerous agents, making a significant impact on their financial well-being. John's career is not just about his personal success; it's about elevating others to achieve their goals

As a former President of the Greater Los Angeles Association, President of the MLS, Treasurer of both organizations, a California Association Director, and a National Association Director, John has cultivated a vast network of contacts and influencers in the real estate world. His connections run deep, and he knows how to leverage them to benefit the region and its real estate professionals.

Starting on November 8th, John Winther is asking for your vote. With his proven experience, dedication, and influential network, he is the candidate who can lead Region 5 into a future filled with real estate success. Your support is invaluable, and together, we will all win. Join John Winther in his mission to make Region 5 a thriving hub for real estate.

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