Apply to Represent Your Region on the GLAR Board of Directors as a Regional Vice Chair
Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021 @ 03:22 PM

Do your part to shape the future of the Greater Los Angeles REALTORS® by applying to serve a two year term as a Regional Vice Chair on the Board of Directors!

We are looking for energetic, hard-working REALTORS® who are willing to learn and give of themselves to the REALTOR® community to serve as a Regional Vice Chair. Scroll down to learn more and how to submit your application.

Regional Vice Chair Applications are open and are being accepted through June 30, 2021.

What You Will Do as a Regional Vice Chair

As Regional Vice Chair, you will be part of GLAR's volunteer leadership responsible for helping to shape and guide the association through the ever changing world of the real estate industry and will serve alongside a Regional Chair who has prior board experience.

Regional Vice Chairs work hand-in-hand with GLAR’s professional staff to serve the public and member’s interest, set and guide policy decisions and the goals and objectives of the association and will gain valuable expertise about the real estate industry. You will be in line to assume the Regional Chair position in year two of your two year term.

This restructuring of the board was implemented as a part of GLAR’s regionalization plan as a way to amplify your local community’s voice in GLAR’s leadership, helping to bring your community’s needs, priorities and individual characteristics to the board. Your presence ensures that your region’s needs are met through GLAR’s programming, advocacy efforts and strategic vision. GLAR’s five regions are:

  • Region 1: Beaches
  • Region 2: Culver City
  • Region 3: Beverly Hills
  • Region 4: WEHO / Eagle Rock
  • Region 5: Downtown / East Side LA

Responsibilities of the Regional Vice Chair

The basic responsibilities of a member of the board serving as a regional Vice Chair are:

  • As a board member, your responsibility is to provide guidance and expertise to the organization to help respond to industry issues, anticipate and adapt to trends and keep the association relevant to the REALTOR®.
  • Be able to attend the six board meetings per year. The board made a recent change to meeting every other month to be more accommodating to a REALTOR®’s busy schedule. Many board meetings may also be attended virtually through Zoom, unless specifically noted otherwise.
  • Attending association sponsored events on behalf of the Board of Directors
  • Keeping abreast of trends and events in the industry and offering your input on how they may impact REALTORS®

Qualifications for Regional Vice Chair and Board Service

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and empowering the staff to execute the organization’s strategic plans to ensure that the association remains relevant to the REALTOR®, and that the REALTOR® remains at the center of the real estate transaction.

Serving on the Board of Directors has never been more convenient. The Board meets six times per year (every other month), with the ability to attend and participate in many meetings virtually.

The requirements to serve on the board of directors are:

  • Be a Primary REALTOR® member in good standing with the association and the DRE.
  • Be able to serve a two year term, ascending from Regional Vice Chair to Regional Chair, and meet the following qualifications:
          - At the time of taking office, the candidate must have been a primary REALTOR® member in good standing with the Association and the DRE
          - The candidates for the Board of Directors must have served in one of the following ways:

               * Currently serving as Committee Leadership in some capacity with the Association;
               * Been a member of at least one of the Association’s committees for a period of two (2) years within five (5) years of taking office; or
               * Have two (2) years’ worth of service to any number of association committees, either with GLAR or with another association, within the last                         five (5) years

          - Candidates for the Board of Directors must be a licensed agent or broker for a minimum of two (2) years prior to taking office.
          - No more than three (3) members from the same broker owned office or firm shall serve as a Director in any one year, except in the case of the                    transfer of an elected Director to another firm, in which case he or she shall be permitted to complete the elected term. Offices with the same                      Designated Broker are the same firm
          - A candidate or Director may be a member of another local REALTOR® Association but may not be concurrently or simultaneously nominated,                     running, elected, appointed or serving on a board of directors of another local REALTOR® Association.

          - A candidate or Director has the responsibility to immediately inform the President if they do not or will not meet any of the qualifications to be                       nominated, seated, or continue to serve, or to ascend to a following office.


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