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Certified Transaction Coordinator
Tuesday, Mar 7, 2017 @ 07:17 PM

Register today to earn the Transaction Coordinator Certification. 

See below for class details.

Fundamentals of Transaction Coordination

This course covers the goals and duties of a TC, the Residential Purchase Agreement, contingencies, disclosures, processes and timelines, escrow and the lending process and how to get your agent paid. (Instructor: Wendi Molina) 

Transaction Coordination 2 - Beyond the Contract

This course covers what the role of a TC is outside of the contract and is a drill down into the details, workflow and compliance requirements needed to manage every type of transaction.

All About Disclosures

In the "All About Disclosures" course you will review approximately 30 disclosure requirements that are typically seen in a residential 1-4 transaction item by item. The course will help you understand the reasons behind the disclosures, when the disclosures must be made, and when they might be exempted. Take this course to help better serve your buyers and sellers along with protecting yourself from personal liability. 

Transaction Talk

This workshop bridges the gap between the REALTOR/Lender/Escrow Officers and is packed with the answers you need to ensure each party knows what they are responsible for to best communicate with everyone involved in the transaction. You'll learn from each party as they communicate their involvement in the real estate transaction process and how you fit into the process to ensure your files are complete for a transaction to close successfully on time - every time!

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