REALTOR Safety Month Message from BHGLAAR CEO Chip Ahlswede
Friday, Sep 22, 2017 @ 12:23 AM

I remember to this day when I got a call in 2014 from then NAR president elect Chris Polychron (Who is a huge Dodgers fan by the way) to tell me about Beverly Carter being abducted from a showing that a prospective seller set up. She was abducted, suffocated, and buried while trying to do her job – a job that shouldn’t be considered dangerous.

But it is.

The exposure to danger that REALTORS® face each day is actually quite considerable.

- You meet strangers on a daily basis (Your mom warned you about this)

- You get in a car with them (mom probably covered that too)

- You go into their houses, or take them into other people’s houses (seriously, did you even listen to your mother?)

Joking aside, you can see how the profession you love can quickly turn against you. But physical danger isn’t the only threat you face in your business.

- Cyber threats are on the rise – especially targeting real estate

- Identity theft is on the rise – and you are trusted with a large amount of personal data for your clients

- Legal exposure is everywhere – threatening the safety of your business

- Legislative threats – create potential threats and exposure for you and your clients

Today more than ever real estate is a dangerous business. It is incumbent upon all of us to stay vigilant in protecting ourselves and others.

Inside this month’s magazine you will find insight, inspiration, and education that aims at keeping you and your clients safe in spite of these threats that are out there.

Last, do us a favor. Stay safe, and keep up the great work. Danger may be out there, but what you do is too important to let a few crazy people ruin the effort.


Chip Ahlswede


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