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September Health and Safety Awareness
Monday, Aug 30, 2021 @ 02:58 PM

For 10 years, the National Association of REALTORS® has provided information and tools to promote REALTOR® Safety during the month of September and throughout the year. Take time this month to consider how safe—or unsafe—you are as a real estate practitioner during the course of a typical day.

About 42 percent of female real estate professionals and 18 percent of male agents say they have

“occasionally” felt unsafe in the course of their real estate job, according to an online survey of 450

real estate professionals conducted by Moby, a safety mobile app company.

Among the top safety concerns among real estate professionals are viewing vacant properties,

hosting open houses, and showing short sale or foreclosures.

The FTC recommends four key elements for your protection plan: Physical Security; Electronic Security; Employee Training and the Security Practices of Contractors and Service Providers.

If you have to be a little paranoid, if we have to take the time to research before rushing out and showing

properties to people we don’t know, then so be it. Safety is no accident. Preventing even one violent crime is

worth taking a few minutes to think about what we’re doing before acting.

As a REALTOR®, the risks you face seem to grow more frequent and more complicated. The strategies to

being safer on the job remain simple:

  • Know how to react appropriately to a dangerous situation;
  • Be aware of your surroundings;
  • Empower yourself with careful precautions.

Be aware of and use the 10 second rule. Take 10 seconds as you arrive at each of your destinations to evaluate

your surroundings and check for anything out of the ordinary.

Use safety mobile apps (see How to Use Your Smartphone as a Weapon) and make a point to look up people,

phone numbers, and even companies prior to meeting with any client, Copy driver’s licenses and write down

license plate numbers, and on every showing, all someone from the road to let them know where you are and

whom you are with. Take safety and self-defense courses too.

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