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Tell L.A. City Council Not to Rush Proposed Wildlife Ordinance District
Friday, Jun 23, 2023 @ 08:48 PM


The Los Angeles City Council is set to take public feedback and vote on a proposed Wildlife Ordinance which would create a new Wildlife District and new regulations which would harm private property rights and impede efforts to solve the region’s severe housing crisis.

The new ordinance would establish new restrictions regarding the location, size, fencing, landscaping and design requirements of development or redevelopment projects within the new Wildlife Ordinance District (WOD).

This district would cover the Santa Monica Mountains area bound by Ventura Blvd to the north, Sunset Blvd. to the south, the 405 Freeway to the west and the 101 Freeway to the east.

You can read the proposed ordinance here, and you can read GLAR’s official comment letter on the ordinance here.

GLAR has significant concerns about the proposed ordinance, notably the multiple questions that remain unanswered as the City Council rushes the ordinance. Passing the ordinance as-is would result in significant unintended consequences for the region as it seeks to address our housing crisis, and would create new obstacles for property owners looking to improve their properties. While GLAR supports protecting wildlife and the environment in our region, the current ordinance is problematic as written.

The chief concerns with the current ordinance are as follows. You can use the bolded first line of each bullet point as a tweet to send to your city councilmembers; their contact information is listed below.

GLAR supports efforts to preserve and protect our region’s wildlife. We encourage the city council to take a closer look at their proposed ordinances, and to extend the stakeholder feedback period so that residents who will be impacted by the new regulations may have a chance to have their voice heard on this issue.

Click Here to submit your letter to oppose the LA City “Wildlife Ordinance District” (Takes less than 60 seconds!)   

Click Here to read the approval & background documents.

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