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The Inspection Academy: A Series from GLAR
Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022 @ 10:03 PM

Join GLAR Real Estate Service Partner, Chris Griffin of LaRocca Inspections for The Inspection Academy Series.

This informative 4 part series is designed to help REALTORS® -

  • sum up the regulations you need to know
  • what to do to keep your transactions safe
  • save your clients’ money & time
  • gain information to be confident
  • examples of problems REALTORS face
  • help you be a hero for your buyers

3/6  Part 1: Sewer Lines - Avoid a Variety of Costly Issues

5/18  Part 2: Moisture & Mold - Know More to Help Your Transactions

7/13  Part 3: The Inspection Contingency – Situational Answers to Help you Succeed

11/16  Part 4: Chimneys & Fireplaces: Know How To Protect Your Buyers

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