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Your Comments, Our Answers!
Sunday, Jul 1, 2018 @ 10:21 AM

This election was great for BH/GLAAR.

While there was only 1 candidate each that qualified for the President Elect and Treasurer positions, we had a record 10 incredible qualified candidates for 4 seats on our Board of Directors. 

Election Turnout was about 14% which isn't our highest turn out, but is above most year's turnouts, and about 2% higher than last year.

You also offered about 40 different write in names - and we hope to engage all of those suggestions to join us in BH/GLAAR leadership, because they were GREAT suggestions.

You also submitted some great comments and questions that we want to make sure we answer!

Mary Morales, Sophia Kim, and Ifrah Khoubian - you entered your email address in the comments, and I assume you had wanted your votes sent to you.  If you didn't recieve them, let me know and I can have our vendor send you your votes (we intentionally don't have access to individual votes/ records so as to protect your privacy, and to prevent any appearance of mishandling of the election).

"It's not much of an election when you know nothing of the background of most of the nominees."

- We understand that challenge, and with over 10,000 members it makes it hard to know everyone.  This year we tried several ways to make that easier for you -
  1. We had every candidate record a video about themselves.  You could watch it from the ballot, or you could watch it by CLICKING HERE
  2. We had every candidate submit both a bio and a set of responses to standard questions - you can read them by CLICKING HERE
  3. On June 15th - we held a "Meet and Greet" with our candidates at the offices, check out our pictures on our Facebook Page by CLICKING HERE
  4. Several candidates went around to different office meetings to meet the members
  5. We posted on social media, our website, and blasted out to members nearly daily... and we are open to other ideas.

If you have other suggestions, we're open to trying new things next year, just let us know!

"This is a simple system to help us vote.  Great job.  Thank you."

"It was good and easy to vote"

"Excellent format... super fast and easy. thx."

Thank you for voting! We strive to make participation as easy as possible and appreciate the feedback! If you have any ideas how we can improve, we are always open to hearing what you think.

"The link for the TechEdge registration doesn't work.  And i like voting electornically - simple to use and no purple index fingers! LOL! Thanks!"

Sorry about the TechEdge link - here it is, should be a great event - CLICK HERE

And yes, we do our best not to have a BH/GLAAR spring! We work hard to make things easier and easier for our members.  Let us know if you have any suggestions of how we can improve!

"How can an agent/REALTOR find out more about participating and openings for Nomination?"

Easy, just call us! (310) 967-8800

We have many opportunities to get involved all year long, depending on what you are interested in:

  • Check the BH/GLAAR calendar for upcoming classes, committee meetings and events open to members - BH/GLAAR CALENDAR
  • We have a number of committees you can participate in, and we encourage you to do so at any time.  Just come on in!
  • To sign up for a committee, CLICK HERE
  • We are also a strong partner with the local chapters of NAHREP, AREAA, NAREB, PREPA, NAGLREP - and we JUST started a Women's Council of REALTORS(R) if you are interested in joining!  Contact Monique McCord for details - [email protected]
  • Our applications to be appointed, or to become a candidate for the elections for directors (Local, State, and National) go out in March of each year - and we announce them everywhere we can.  Contact us, let us know you are interested and we can keep you in the loop.

"I like the fact that we can write in our own candidates if we don't like the selections.  Thank you so much for that"

Of course, we believe we have some great leaders, and that there are many we don't know, so we encourage your suggestions...

We also encourage you to run for the board as well!  Let us know!

"I believe in you, help is what we all need."

Thank you, we are dedicated to helping so let us know how we can help you!

"1. I believe we should not allow dual agency to avoid misconducts.

2. I also believe the industry has to enforce selling agreements between buyers and agents, as we do between sellers and agents via listing agreements. "

Great input! 

- Our Public Policy Committee covers the issue of dual agency from a legislative perspective.  It is state law that allows this. We are always looking for more input.  Consider coming to the next meeting on July 23 @ 1PM - CLICK HERE

- Misconduct is handled in several ways - We have a Grievance Committee and a Professional Standards Committee that reviews all complaints brought to the board.  We encourage you to submit any violations because it is how we will clean up this industry.  For more information on upholding the NAR Code of Ethics and our Professional Standards process - CLICK HERE

"Hey there, I barely knew there was a vote going on. I know I receive emails, but for some reason the member involvement is not very strong. No one talking about it. And seeing how many candidates there were, it's clear very little involvement or concern about it. Just my feedback, and I too am guilty about not getting involved... But, this is what we hope our membership dues are for..."

We understand, there is a lot of noise that you as REALTORS(R) receive related to NAR, C.A.R., and BH/GLAAR efforts.  We try our best to minimize that and be effective when we communicate to our members.

We put forth the information about this years election as broadly as were able to go.  This year, we used:

  • Held a MEET AND GREET with the Candidates on June 15th
  • Posted a notification on the MLS sign on
  • Had details in our 3 weekly blast emails to leadership (Mondays), all members (Wednesdays), and Brokers/ Owners/ Managers (Fridays)
  • Placed ads in both Caravan magazines during the election
  • Social Media posts went out nearly daily - Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates from us.
  • Announcements were made at all events, classes, and committees
  • We dropped off Flyers at many brokerages
  • Created Youtube Videos to get to know the candidates
  • Had several stories and notifications on the BH/GLAAR Website
  • Sent Vendor generated emails - separate of our own emails to avoid spam filters

We considered a text program, but didn't know if it would work - would that have been helpful?  Let us know how we can improve communications to you and your peers.

As for the number of candidates - for President and Treasurer, you are correct, it is harder to qualify for those positions, and they are quite a commitment.

Board of Director candidates however this was the largest number of candidates we've had in years.  And there were great candidates.  And even a number of first time candidates. So we are encouraged by the growth in that area.

We'd love to engage with more members, if you have suggestions, please let us know!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and if we can do anything for you, please don't hesitate to ask!

Let us know if you are having any issues.
We'll respond accordingly.