GLAR Leadership

Below are GLAR’s 2024 Leadership. GLAR’s Board of Directors are elected by the members in each region to be their voice in the governance of our organization. The board works together with the GLAR professionals to ensure that the association’s strategic plan is implemented effectively, ensuring that the association remains relevant to the needs of its members.

GLAR Executive Committee

  • Anne Russell
    Anne Russell
    2024 GLAR President
  • Tom Swanson
    Tom Swanson
    2024 GLAR Past President
  • Ryan Ole Hass
    Ryan Ole Hass
    2024 GLAR Treasurer
  • Tica O'Neill
    Tica O’Neill
    2024 GLAR Treasurer-Elect
  • Tessa Hultz
    Tessa Hultz

GLAR Board of Directors

  • Terry Ballentine
    Terry Ballentine
    2024 GLAR Director
  • Robert Leighton
    Robert Leighton
    2024 GLAR Director
  • Blake Schinto
    2024 GLAR Director
  • Shoreh Shekarchian
    Shoreh Shekarchian
    2024 GLAR Director
  • Hershel Will
    Hershel Will
    Chair Region 1
  • Hiroko Nishikawa Naumann
    Hiroko Nishikawa Naumann
    Vice Chair Region 1
  • Mahogany Rhodes
    Mahogany Rhodes
    Chair Region 2
  • Stacy Harris-Green
    Stacy Harris-Green
    Vice Chair Region 2
  • Diane Manns
    Diane Manns
    Chair Region 3
  • Kristina Irwin
    Kristina Irwin
    Vice Chair Region 3
  • Scott Yeilding
    Scott Yeilding
    Chair Region 4
  • Hector Chaidez
    Hector Chaidez
    Vice Chair Region 4
  • Paris Coleman Smalls
    Paris Coleman Smalls
    Chair Region 5
  • John Winther
    John Winther
    Vice Chair Region 5